Recent reports from Afghanistan

Afghan girls on sale for 100kg wheat
Afghans are still dying as air strikes go on. But no one is counting
"Give me security, then I will remove my burqa"
Afghan warlords bastle for control of Paktia province
Tons of money grabbed by Northern Alliance
Sale of Afghan children thrives in Pakistan
We felt safer under Taliban, say Kabul residents
Warlords arm Afghans in refugee camps
Gun terror of Kabul's liberators
US Fears Interference in Afghanistan
Jalalabad, Kandahar return to rule of the thieves
Afghans eat grass as aid fails to arrive (with photo)
Refugee recounts Northern Alliance's brutalities
Crimes of the "Northern Alliance" Seen Through the Eyes of a Grieving Mother
US Raid Kills 100 Afghans
Up to 60 die as US bombs tribal leaders by mistake War
Estimates suggest US bombs have killed at least 3,767 civilians
The Heartbreaking Story of an Afghan Woman
Big powers repressing human rights, AI chief
UN official reveals rising common crimes, loot in Afghanistan
Fahim shifts weapons to Panjsher
US Bombs Wipe Out Farming Village
Gunmen cut off noses and ears of six Afghans to punish them for shaving beards
Alliance accused of brutality in capture of Kunduz (with photo)
Carpet bombing 'kills 150 civilians' in frontline town
Cluster Bomblets Litter Afghanistan
The people of Kabul are unlikely to forget past atrocities of the NA
What will the Northern Alliance do in our name now? I dread to think...
No surprise at rumours of new atrocities by our 'foot-soldiers'
UN Reports Mazar-e-Sharif Executions
Fall of Kabul Could Lead to a Bloodbath, Officials Warn
Many Afghans haunted by Northern Alliance's past
Hundreds of Pakistanis believed massacred by NA
UN Reports Mazar-e-Sharif Executions
Kabul residents fear northern alliance, worry for their safety Kabul
US Jets Hit Red Cross in Kabul (with photo)
US Bomb Kills 10 in Afghan Village (with photo)
Eye witness accounts of the US strikes on Kabul
US admits bomb 'went astray'
West's new Afghan allies include former allies of Osama bin Laden
4 UN Workers Killed in Initial Strike on Afghanistan (with photo)
Northern Alliance main opium producer: UN
The US should not cooperate with Opposition commanders: HRW
Human Rights Watch Backgrounder of United Front/Northern Alliance
An Afghan refugee addresses people of the world
World ignoring possible war crimes in Afghanistan: HRW
Eyewitness accounts of Taliban massacre in Yakaolang
ISI gives Rs 10 crore for Deoband Conference
People in Afghanistan's Ghor province reduced to eating fodder
Asma: "ISI and Pakistan responsible for the plight of Afghan people"
'CIA worked with Pak to create Taliban'
CIA responsible for terrorism, Says Babar

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